Smart City Standards

Coming Fall 2017

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Technology Standards + Planning Framework

Planners can request early access to unlock smart technology standards and an agile planning framework.

The Smart City architecture has been validated by IEEE, ICF, and Open Standards Group, to name a few.

Venture Smarter is also working to certify solutions and solution stacks for smart city deployments. 


Look out for the "Smart City Certified" badge this Fall.

*The open and secure technology standard is agile and modular, perfect for smart cities, connected campuses, and advanced facilities. 

Get Certified!


Certifications for Solution Providers 

Tool Kits for Solution Seekers

Venture Smarter is on a mission to democratize smart city planning by helping solution seekers and smart city planners mitigate as much risk as possible with the goal of creating modular, scalable, and interoperable deployments void of expensive pitfalls and hidden costs. The certifications validate and support best-practices solution providers to streamline efforts and compress timelines while deploying sustainable solutions.


What is "Smart City Certified?"

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How Do Solutions Get Certified?

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How Are Certified Companies Verified?

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*Membership does not guarantee your solution(s) will be certified. All solutions are independently approved and certified by a board of experts. Membership simply guarantees consideration of certifications and access to Venture Smarter standards, planning tools, and resources.