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Venture Smarter with surefire

SureFire is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides network infrastructure services to companies around the United States.

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Qualified Technicians

SureFire hires, trains, and assigns technicians to companies in need of assistance on various levels of projects. SureFire technicians offer top notch services for all your structured cabling needs. From cable pullers to project managers, our team is ready to go. With a diverse team of technicians, SureFire is able to satisfy customers telecommunication needs with efficiency and professionalism.


SureFire adheres to the highest industry standards when installing your network infrastructure. Rest assured, installations are highly functional & aesthetically pleasing.

Design & Consultation

SureFire uses leading industry technologies to help your company find the right solution for your network infrastructure.  Designs are based on national standards that fit both the operational and aesthetic needs of the facility. Consultations help ensure we understand your goals while detailing the processes required to get your company’s infrastructure built and certified.


Surefire in smart cities