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PAR Approved by IEEE-SA: 
"The Guide to the Technology and Planning Process to Build A Smart City"



Chair: Zack Huhn (Venture Smarter)
Vice-Chair: Jon Salisbury (smartLINK)
Secretary: Leslie Martinich (IEEE)
LIAISON: Nicholas Orlando (IEEE)
Technical Subcomittee Chair: Jim Frazier

Upcoming Meetings:

Working Group Meetings: Third Tuesday, Monthly, 2pm EST

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IEEE Smart City Technology Standards


This guide will provide a framework that outlines technologies and the processes for planning the evolution of a smart city. Smart Cities and related solutions require technology standards and a cohesive process planning framework for the use of the internet of things to
ensure interoperable, agile, and scalable solutions that are able to be implemented and maintained in a sustainable manner. This framework provides a methodology for municipalities and technology integrators to use as a tool to plan for innovative and technology solutions for smart cities.

The proposed guideline takes into consideration both technology standards and protocols as well as process and planning guidelines as a part of the overall framework. This guideline provides a process that allows for deployments to be reflective of the needs of constituents in a given area and enable data to drive best practices decisions that use technology as a tool to improve outcomes for people. This framework will provide a methodology for municipalities and technology integrators to plan for innovative and emerging solutions to seamlessly connect from city to city, state to state, and region to region.