Challenge Tracks

1.  Smart and Connected Development

Sponsored by Smart City Capital. This track is designed to help leaders create development plans that are tech-enabled (connected) and resilient. Projects can be focused on traditional infrastructure or developing smart and connected facilities, campuses, and innovation districts. Creativity is encouraged! Requirements will vary based on the type of project, and the financing partners will work with qualified teams to create a winning approach.  Smart City Capital will make detailed requirements available, and that information will be available on the Challenge website.

2.  Smarter, Safer Streets

Sponsored by Smart City Infrastructure. This track is designed to accelerate the implementation of connected, secured, and best-practices infrastructure related to smart street lighting. Requirements will be detailed and provided by Smart City Infrastructure, and made available for review on the Challenge website.

3.  Critical Infrastructure

Sponsored by National Infrastructure and Investment Alliance. This track is designed to identify ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure projects that are (a) tech-enabled and (b) repeatable. Top teams will work with NIIA to build awareness around the opportunity to help secure a direct federal investment to accelerate and complete respective projects. These projects may range from energy and water infrastructure to roads, bridges, and other transportation related infrastructure. Requirements will be detailed by NIIA and made available on the Challenge website.

4.  Next Generation Infrastructure

Sponsored by Venture Smarter. This track is designed to enable and accelerate the exploration of Tube Transportation (Hyperloop), Personal Rapid Transit, and other future leaning transportation infrastructure systems. Top teams will work with leaders to navigate right of way and policy barriers, financing and funding options, and education and workforce development efforts that will all be required to see any of these systems developed at scale.