Ford to triple electric vehicle charging stations at its work sites
As Ford ramps up its plans for electric vehicle launches in coming years, the Dearborn automaker announced Thursday that it will also make charging more convenient for its own employees by tripling the number of charging stations at its facilities.

Ford said in a news release that it will increase the number of charging stations from 200 to 600 in the next two years and that its network of stations at 50 facilities will double within the next year. The company said more than six in 10 of its employees who bought or leased an electric vehicle said its charging network influenced their purchase or lease decision.

Ford CEO Jim Hackett wants to boost investment in electric vehicles. Ford announced Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017 that it would triple the number of workplace charging stations at its facilities in two years. Steve Henderson, Ford sustainability and vehicle environmental matters manager, said there is a connection between being able to charge at work and greater acceptance of electric vehicles. Most people with electric vehicles continue to charge at home, but workplace charging availability can provide peace of mind for consumers concerned about the still limited number of public charging options. 

“Work is the second most likely place people charge their electric vehicles,” Henderson said in the release. “If we give people the ability to charge when they’re at work, we can significantly up the potential for mass market adoption of electrified vehicle technology.”

The company is placing significant bets on wider acceptance of electric vehicles. It announced earlier this month that it would invest $4.5 billion in the electric vehicle arena and introduce 13 new electric vehicles globally in the next five years.

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Picture taken from Green Car Reports.