iTWire - Huawei smartly creates Smart City Nervous System, showcased at SCWEC 2017 Barcelona
Huawei is participating in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 (SCEWC) in Barcelona under the theme of “Leading New ICT, Creating a Smart City Nervous System”, highlighting how a Smart City can be like "a living organism that works seamlessly to continuously learn and enhance the city’s services". Together with its global partners, Huawei is demonstrating joint ICT solutions to "connect the digital and physical worlds across city administration, public services, and industrial economies".

The company is "using new ICT solutions including cloud computing, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI)" to "drive unified coordination, cross-sector collaboration, and intelligent analysis for effective management of city services".

Alongside the SCEWC, Huawei says it "hosted the Global Smart City Summit, where representatives from the European Union, international standards organisations, world-renowned consultancies, relevant research institutions and leading Smart Cities shared their insights and experiences in driving Smart City development with over 400 city administrators from around the world".

So, what does it mean to become a Smart City? Well, Huawei says it is creating a Smart City Nervous System to make the city as an organic life body.

To become a Smart City "involves the digital transformation of a city to address challenges in the physical world".

"This demands data-driven systems that combine management and IoT data to help authorities manage the city and enable the physical and digital worlds to be integrated.

"Smart City development requires a fundamental change to city administration and for the development to flourish it needs to be a priority for the government. In addition, there must be a strong and capable Smart City project team, long-term and stable investment, and city leaders need to partner with a leading digital provider that can facilitate the transformation."

Yan Lida, president of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said: “A Smart City is like a living organism, which is powered by a nervous system. This Smart City nervous system comprises a 'brain' [the control centre] and 'peripheral nerves' [the network and sensors], gathering real-time information about the status of the city, transmitting the data, enabling the 'brain' to analyse and make informed decisions, delivering feedback commands, and ultimately carrying out intelligent actions.

"This creates a seamless link between the physical and digital worlds. Leveraging leading new ICT such as cloud computing, IoT and AI, Huawei is committed to creating a strong nervous system that powers Smart Cities. With our innovations and investment in various technologies, we develop an open platform for Smart Cities, which is compatible with various devices and supports a wide range of applications. We aim to be the rich soil that supports the robust and sustainable development of Smart Cities.