Smart Cities are not about technology — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

Smart Cities are tech enabled, but people focused. The smart city movement sweeping the nation and world is about putting the power back in the hands of residents and municipal leaders to create better, hyperlocalized outcomes that make cities better places to live and work. Regional Smart Cities Initiatives go beyond city limits.

They enable smaller communities to implement Smart Cities solutions. They seamlessly connect our urban cores to our suburbs and rural areas, improving quality of life and economic opportunity for all.

People, not products dictate the underlying themes driving smart cities conversations. Equitable access to opportunities in education, workforce development, and healthcare are the tip of the iceberg as tech-enabled solutions from internet connectivity to driverless vehicles transform the cities we know today.

It’s about using big data to guide our planning practices. It’s about mobilizing technology to create cities that are more livable, workable, attractive to talent, and friendly to business. It’s about implementing best practices that are replicable, affordable, and sustainable.

Smart Cities are not about technology, but they do leverage the rapid progress of technologies today to improve residential, academic, and professional experiences. They are about increasing civic engagement to create more connected communities. They are about implementing solutions (on or offline) that optimize or replace outdated systems and infrastructure. Smart Cities are more than just a couple of buzzwords. Smart City progress is putting the power back in the hands of the people.

Chime in... What does a smart city mean to you?

Written by: Zack Huhn