Resources and playbooks trickle out for city planners on autonomous vehicles - Mobility Lab
For better and worse, planners are on the frontlines of the AV revolution.

Automated vehicles and new business and service models are disruptive and transformative. Most cities and regions are not engaged yet on how to use planning tools to manage AVs.

To the extent the policymakers and planners are engaged, they are focused on the economic-development benefits of attracting new investments, managing calls to ban AVs from their streets, or making it cumbersome in the wrong ways to realize the safety and environmental benefits of AVs.

A few cities and regions are beginning to engage with the public on playbooks for managing all forms of new mobility, including automated vehicles. And researchers, practitioners, and professional associations are working hard to understand the implications of AVs combined with electric power trains and shared mobility.

With the help of forward-looking planners, a few cities are looking to develop playbooks for managing AV technology. Unlike the policy field, in which there are resources to track legislation, regulations, and government guidance on design and performance standards, until this week, there has been no comprehensive resource for planners.

To help address that gap, the American Planning Association crowdsourced the resources into this AV Knowledge Base from its co-hosts, panelists, and attendees at its recent symposium, “Automated Vehicles: Planning for the Impacts on Regions and Cities.”

An accompanying symposium,”Automated Vehicles: Planning for the Impacts on Regions and Cities,” was co-hosted by the APA, the National League of Cities, Mobility Lab, George Mason University, the Eno Center for Transportation, and Brookings.

Topics included in the new resource include equity and access, land-use implications, transportation planning, and much more.

There are also videos of the entire symposium posted on the APA’s site, including this three-minute highlight reel and the panel moderated by Mobility Lab’s Paul Mackie on how AVs will affect the transportation ecosystem:

And next month, the APA and its symposium partners will release a playbook of actions that cities and regions can take now to manage the transition to automated mobility.

Photo by Kristain Baty/Flickr.