3 Focus Areas for Public Safety in Smart Cities and Regions

2018 Smart Regions Conference

We prioritize resilient planning for smart cities because it is imperative that our systems and infrastructure are secure, fiscally sustainable, efficient, and effective. This is especially important as the digital transformation creates new opportunities, and more risks. Prioritizing resilience doesn’t happen without strongly favoring cyberphysical security and privacy considerations. Prioritizing resilience means sharply focusing on public safety and emergency response.

From a public safety and emergency response perspective, here are three areas to consider as we look to technology to optimize or replace outdated systems, and maximize our capabilities and capacities:

  1. Response

  2. Recovery

  3. Preparedness

How can intelligent analytics, IoT, advanced connectivity, and innovative solutions make our spaces and places safer? How can we better equip first responders? How can we get predictive, instead of reactive in and emergency response situation?

Join leaders across industry and sectors at the Second Annual Smart Regions Conference to discuss Response, Recovery, and Preparedness during the third panel on day one of the one and a half day event in Columbus, OH. More details here.

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