5 Types of Social Engineering Scams

Cyber crime making headlines today often involves an attacker leveraging their technical expertise to infiltrate protected computer systems and compromise sensitive data. In attempt to mitigate risk, businesses invest in new technologies that strengthen network defenses. While it’s important to be aware of cyber crimes and protect your business from attack, it’s also important to be aware of another type of attacker who use their tactics to manipulate people – social engineers.

The success of social engineers relies solely on the hackers’ ability to exploit the one weakness that is found in every company – human psychology. Social engineering is a term that encompasses a broad range of malicious activity and uses a variety of media, including phone calls and social media, to trick people into offering them access to sensitive information. Here are the five most common social engineering scams that attackers use to target their victims: phishing, baiting, quid pro quo, pretexting, and tailgating.

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By Danielle Hoverman • November 21, 2017