Accenture and OGE Energy Corp. Announce Success of Smart Grid Program with Automated Equipment

The Accenture team helped select equipment and circuits, plan circuit changes, and create deployment packages. OG&E and Accenture recently completed the seventh, and final, year of IVVC deployment designed to achieve a two-percent peak voltage reduction and a proportional reduction in peak demand.

“We have worked with Structure, now part of Accenture, over the years to reach this point of ongoing savings for our customers by optimizing voltage and reducing demand,” said Cristi Killian, manager of advanced grid operations and planning for OG&E. “In addition, we now have much greater visibility into the everyday operations of our distribution network so that our employees can provide even better customer service as we continue our smart grid journey.”

The IVVC project has enabled real-time voltage readings through telemetry from multiple devices including load tap changers, capacitor banks and voltage regulators as well as near real-time voltage readings from customer meters for operational validation. This has provided OG&E personnel in engineering, customer service, and operations insight into system voltage allowing for additional benefits, such as identifying and resolving customer voltage issues and saving customers money by reducing line-losses.

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