Another big week for Wi-Fi

The world of Wi-Fi took another giant leap forward this week with Broadcomannouncing availability of 802.11ax chipsets. Qualcomm & Quantenna already released their versions of 802.11ax earlier this year.

Getting ready to ride the 802.11ax wave

The thing to understand about 802.11ax is this: It's not just 'another standard'. It's a complete revamp of how Wi-Fi works. And it will have a huge impact on the user experience. We've covered it in detail here.

The other thing to understand about 802.11ax is that it's coming sooner than you think. The first windfall will be ax-powered home gateways (CPEs) and consumer routers. The home gateway market this year alone is a whopping 180 million units and growing. We'll see the first products hit the markets next year.

WiGig on the brink of a breakthrough

It's been a long time coming, but now finally it looks like WiGig (60 GHz) hovers on the brink of a breakthrough. We will for sure see the first WiGig-capable phones released inside of the next few months. We're betting on Apple being first.

You might not think of WiGig as a big deal - but it is. It will be the first true mass-market millimetre wave tech that services consumers directly. It will bring a massive (but localised) boost of data in the home and - a bit later - in public spaces.