Artificial intelligence is the heart of CIO Dana Deasy’s plan to modernize the DOD

The move to adopt commercial, enterprise cloud capabilities has dominated discussion in 2018 around the Department of Defense’s modernization efforts. But according to new CIO Dana Deasy, cloud services are just a piece of the foundation for DOD’s plans to make artificial intelligence “the agent of transformation.”

Deasy said the Pentagon is embarking on the third wave of AI, when “computers will no longer be seen as tools but instead as a partner.”

“As artificial intelligence matures, we must redefine the role of computers in warfighting. So how exactly will computers be seen as our partner? Casual reasoning, performance robustness, and ever brain control or prosthetic limbs, just to name a few examples,” he said, speaking extensively about DOD’s AI initiatives at the DoDIIS Worldwide conference in Omaha, Nebraska earlier this month.

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