AT&T Expands Smart Cities Offerings with New Structure Monitoring Solution for U.S. Railways and

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- For many, a new year ushers in a new set of resolutions. AT&T* is resolved to continue developing and delivering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to help make our cities and communities smarter, safer and more efficient. We're currently testing a new structure monitoring solution that will help improve the safety of our roadways and railways.

This comes in addition to our smart cities work with several U.S. spotlight cities and our recently launched digital infrastructure solution.

U.S. infrastructure is aging and in disrepair. Almost half of U.S. bridges are more than 50 years old.1  Organizations normally rely on visual inspections to assess the state of our roadways and railways.  Since many are in remote locations, it is difficult to regularly assess. And many of the remote monitoring alternatives use older technology solutions that are bulky and not suited for the long-term.

We're set to deliver a solution so teams can monitor structural and environmental factors remotely in near real time.

"Safety is a top concern of citizens and cities alike. This concern extends beyond the realm of crime and natural disasters. It also includes the safety of our infrastructure," said Mike Zeto, general manager, AT&T Smart Cities.  "We're pleased to test this solution, which will allow for smart infrastructure analysis and monitoring.

With AT&T Smart Cities Structure Monitoring, selected infrastructure will receive AT&T LTE-enabled sensors to remotely monitor structural factors. The sensors, which measure things like cracks and tilts, also feature alert triggers and email alerts to capture significant events.