Autonomous vehicle lanes included in Colorado's big transportation proposal

In an effort to accommodate a growing number of drivers, Colorado is considering a plan for a designated lane for autonomous vehicles.

The lane is part of set of proposals — valued at $1 billion to $2 billion — drafted by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The proposal is to prepare for a spike in drivers in expanding suburbs as well as the emergence of autonomous vehicles, according to the Denver Post. The lane would run along 26 miles of road on major highways in the state.

Ben Davis, CDOT's manager for the proposal package, said the addition of an autonomous vehicle lane would be the first time the department had included the technology in an official project, but noted that a designated lane would not likely come until a significant share of motorists begin using autonomous vehicles.

Officials say they're not quite ready to set aside the space on state roads, but they're getting ready.

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