Bike share system in Chicago releases new fare options

The City of Chicago has announced in a news release that Divvy released new fare options and benefits...

Responding to Chicago residents’ interest in a more flexible Divvy pricing structure, the popular bike share system is rolling out a series of new fare options and benefits on Thursday, February 1, Divvy announced today. The new options include a $3 “Single Ride,” a new “Explorer Pass,” and 15 minutes of additional ride time for annual members.

Divvy is operated by the bike share company Motivate International, Inc. under contract with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT).

“Divvy has been a tremendous success story in Chicago, but we believe that our customers will embrace more pricing options that are tailored to their needs,” said CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld. “These new more flexible choices will provide benefits to all Divvy users, and we hope encourage some casual riders to join Divvy as annual members.”

“Divvy is evolving and responding to the way people want to ride,” said Clarita Santos, Executive Director, Community Health Initiatives for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. “As the system sponsor of Divvy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois supports these changes to encourage more people to enjoy the health benefits of biking.”

More riders than ever are flocking to Divvy to get around the city.  Divvy riders pedaled over 7 million miles in 2017, the equivalent of 293 trips around the globe.  In just over four years, Divvy has grown to 37,000+ annual members and hundreds of thousands of riders annually.

Divvy is also proud to offer the Divvy for Everyone (D4E) program, which makes bike share accessible to Chicagoans of all income levels through a discounted first year memberships for those who qualify based on their income. More than 1,730 riders are currently participating in the discounted membership initiative.

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