Building Smart Cities and Working for Presidents

Rhonda Binda , VP Policy at Venture Smarter

Rhonda Binda, VP Policy at Venture Smarter

Adriel's Curious City podcasts feature a 60-minute interview with the people who are building our world about the experiences that built them, and what they're working on.

We get pretty philosophical at times, practical at others, and downright deep all throughout.
— Adriel Lubarsky
Today on the episode is Rhonda Binda. Personally, I don’t think much about government. And therefore, I don’t understand it well. But, in the spirit of my Curious City, I’ll happily ask questions.
Rhonda has worked for the transition team bringing in the Obama administration and the Trump administration. She’s spent 3 years as the executive director of the Jamaica Center Business Improvement District, bringing an economic turn around to the city. And now, she’s the VP of Policy and Director of Regional Smart Cities initiative for Venture Smarter.
Rhonda’s amazing background means she can provide insight into what is otherwise a very confusing business of government, and a world which many of us see in a negative light. She’s got great stories to share about working with 3 presidents, bringing technology into a very traditional city, and founding a tech company focused on re-defining what it means to be a city.