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Report: Smart surfaces save cities billions through increased resilience

Applying smart surface techniques throughout a city could even the playing field and create greater equity while greatly improving health and quality of life for low-income residents.Smart surfaces can have an effect on surrounding areas and not just the city that integrates them, the report says. Reducing urban heat and smog does not just happen within a city's borders, so entire regions could benefit from a city investing in smart surfaces.

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Hiranandani Townships Redefine Urban Environments, Create Smarter, Safer and More Resilient 'Smart Cities' Since its Inception in 1980's

The concept of creating urban conglomerations to decongest highly dense Indian metro cities has grown in a haphazard fashion, and has not followed futuristic planning into consideration. There is a need to ‘leapfrog’ in terms of Smart Cities development in India and to acutely focus on various critical issues like uninterrupted power supply, provision for clean water, robust civic infrastructure, sewage and waste treatment plant, rainwater harvesting and solar energy. Hence, there needs to be a paradigm shift from existing conservative methods to a modern, tech-driven approach of urban planning.

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Keys to the smart cities of tomorrow: Technology partnerships and the Internet of Things

One in six Americans now own a smart speaker — up 128 percent in since January 2017. The rise of voice-enabled digital assistants (and the products that can be used with them) highlights how an easily accessible technology platform allows companies to work together to create new services for consumers. It also shows how consumers are finding it easier to manage the underlying artificial intelligence that is changing how people interact with technology.

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