Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: 'Government's got to get where the private sector is'

During a recent Axios 360 event, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Tulsa, OK Mayor G.T. Bynum took to the stage to discuss the future of work in cities, with an emphasis on inclusion and modernizing city services. And, despite the two mayors’ differences, many of the same themes emerged.

Both mayors repeatedly stressed the importance of education to build and sustain a strong workforce of the future. Elementary and high school education is important, but so is education beyond that level, Bynum said. "One of the greatest indicators of a city’s long-term viability and success is the educational system we have," he said.

Sustaining a city’s workforce, and consequently, its economy, requires getting all residents involved, the mayors said. The cities' push toward innovation has created a booming smart city industry and changes in municipal services as well.

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