Cincinnati Bell and UC Create a Win-Win Partnership

The University of Cincinnati has a new front door to the region’s business community, and Cincinnati Bell is making a grand entrance. University President Neville Pinto and Cincinnati Bell CEO Leigh Fox recently signed a 10-year partnership agreement that includes a corporate innovation center within UC’s new 1819 Innovation Hub, and a direct link between UC students and Cincinnati Bell’s technical talent.

The partnership is among the first wins for the university’s new Office of Innovation and UC’s “Next Lives Here” strategic direction.

Fox also sees it as a big win: “This partnership will help Cincinnati Bell build, test, and deliver products to the market more quickly, give students access to Cincinnati Bell’s technical talent, and bring additional value to their university education,” he said.

The relationship between academic research institutions and private industry has evolved significantly over time and is even more critical today with the rapid pace of change and the challenges with funding research in today’s economic climate. Universities bring valuable resources to the table: talent, research, and access to physical assets such as specialized equipment and technology.

At the same time, large corporations bring real-world problems that need innovative solutions and an opportunity for students and faculty to take a multi-disciplinary approach to solving them. This, in turn, creates a better-prepared pool of talent and source of employment for industry.

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