Cisco to Smart City Planners: Get Started — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

Why a Sound Data Governance Policy is the Foundation for Future Planning The time is now to ensure local and regional systems are secure in order to protect privacy and prevent attacks, according to Cisco’s TJ Costello.

Speaking on the "Internet of Everything, Connectivity and Security in Smart Regions" leadership forum at last month’s Smart Regions Congress in Washington, DC, Costello said Cisco is aligned with the Venture Smarter priority to address security in connectivity.

“Smart regions start with a sound data governance policy,” he said. “It's not about the technology. It's about positioning a region for success.”

Costello said advancements such as the use of drones to deliver food or emergency supplies, electrification of cities to operate autonomous vehicles, and other smart city projects also bring higher cybersecurity risks.

“We must put a data fabric together to bring smart solutions to people and cities without compromising their security and privacy,” Costello said.