Cities Release Their Own Broadband Model Code - Route Fifty

The National League of Cities has released a model code that municipal leaders can consult when deploying small cell wireless infrastructure, emphasizing local needs over federal and industry interests.

Small cells form the backbone of fifth-generation wireless, or 5G, broadband service that internet providers have promised to begin rolling out in 2018.

NLC’s model acknowledges “there is no single model code that will work for every jurisdiction” and attempts to balance providers’ desire to densify their networks with city efforts to maintain uncluttered streets and sidewalks ahead of 5G.

“We haven’t seen 5G deployment anywhere yet,” Angelina Panettieri, principal associate for technology and communications at NLC, told Route Fifty in an interview. “The small cell deployment that we’ve seen has really been focused on the downtowns of major cities and, to a lesser extent, the outlying suburbs.”

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