City of Cleveland seeking zoning code for walkable, equitable neighborhoods

The City of Cleveland is accepting proposals from accomplished consultants to lead the development process for Cleveland’s new Form-Based Zoning Code (FBC).

The City of Cleveland is seeking an accomplished, professional planning firm/team to complete the following tasks:

  • Assist the City in its effort to write a new zoning code. The new code will be easy to use, highly graphical and aligned with the City’s vision of creating healthy, walkable and equitable neighborhoods.

  • Provide assistance in re-structuring the City's zoning review processes.

  • Facilitate related public engagement efforts.

Proposals must be postmarked no later than August 1, 2018.




An icon of the industrial age, Cleveland is pivoting to its new future: a green city on a blue lake. This direction has been set by the Mayor Frank G. Jackson Administration with the directive to leave no neighborhood behind. However, the current zoning code is not up to the task of guiding the development of modern housing, retail, office and industrial spaces. Adopted in 1929, the code is layered, cumbersome to navigate and in many way at odds with current City policies and goals. What is needed is an entirely new zoning code that fosters walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods and embodies the Mayor’s mantra of Health, Sustainability and Equity.