Developers moving towards creating smart homes and building smart cities

Smart buildings and home are gaining traction in the smart city market. Read on to learn more about how this space is unfolding and why there will be many opportunities overall.

This article was originally posted by Johannes L. Chua on News Bits here.

A decade ago, having an Internet connection at home is already considered a “high-tech” amenity.  Only a few homes have a fast Internet connection that is the envy of the entire neighborhood.  Aside from the Internet, a home is considered ‘high-tech’ if a gate or door opens at a press of a button or if a television or air conditioner starts when a remote control is directed at it.

But what if all these, plus more features, can now just be controlled over your smartphone via the Internet?  A few slides and tap, all things you want to “happen” inside your home can now be controlled wherever you are – from the temperature of a room, the time a door opens, the direction where a CCTV camera should face, to even as mundane as the moment when a sprinkler should spout water.

Today, it is called a “smart home” and developers – established or new – are now racing to offer these kinds of projects to the Filipino homebuyer who is becoming more discerning and attuned to world trends.

The arrival of smart homes was already foretold decades ago in Hollywood sci-fi movies. Films have featured movie characters who will just lift a finger to enter a secure room, or where his voice will be enough to activate a home appliance.  Today, it is a reality in some developments in Metro Manila.

For example, one of the pioneers in the Philippines is Greenfield Development.  Its Twin Oaks Place in Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City is touted as the “first future-ready” home in the country.  For starters, its Internet connection is not only fast but ultra-fast as it has a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) framework which provides each unit with connectivity.  With this feature alone, “modern communications and computer applications can enhance ordinary daily activities.”

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