Did you know which are the top 3 smart cities in the world?

Smart cities would not be only more happening, livable and offer a better quality of life than normal cities but would also have the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure and technological connectivity that would make living more fulfilling for all the denizens, increase sustainability and reduce the risk of the damage wrought during hazards.

The integration of information technology along with emerging future technologies – AI, IoT, autonomous vehicles etc. – would play a pivotal role in the designing of smart cities and provide intelligent solutions to the medley travails of urban dwellers.

Top 3 smart cities

Philips Lighting, along with SmartCitiesWorld, published a report that compiled a list of top smart cities after thorough research on more than 150 parameters that impact urban planning across the world. These are crucial determining factors in smart cities as well.

Open data/sharing of data; citizen engagement; and enhanced services for citizens are three top parameters for smart cities.

The report mentions Singapore, London, and Barcelona as the world’s best smart cities, demonstrating that management, government policies, and leadership would play a key role in smart city programs.

The top 3 smart cities have been ranked for totally different reasons.

Singapore occupies the top slot its futuristic infrastructure design and utilization of urban spaces. London was lauded for its focus on communities when implementing the technology. Barcelona came into the spotlight for its praiseworthy governmental initiatives that are providing the impetus for progress and redefining smart cities.

Singapore scores over other cities in public discipline, transparency and the government very efficiently regulating many aspects of everyday life, including public transportation and housing.

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