Ford And Pittsburgh Launch First City Of Tomorrow Challenge

Dozens of companies are rushing headlong into a future where they expect that the more than 270 registered vehicles in the U.S. will be scrapped and replaced with shared automated vehicles that do everything from get us to work to deliver our pizzas. If the residents of several west coast cities think the scooters littering their sidewalks are a nuisance, wait until everyone sees what happens if automated vehicles are just thrown out into the world without oversight or coordination. In a bid to head off some of the potential problems now, Ford and Pittsburgh are launching the City of Tomorrow Challenge.

Simply sending thousands of automated ride-hailing vehicles onto urban streets without some forethought is likely to be a recipe for disaster both logistically and financially. The goal of the challenge which is being announced by Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and John Kwant, VP of Ford City solutions is to better understand the transportation problems of the city and get input from local stakeholders on how to resolve them.

Over the course of the next eight months, Pittsburgh stakeholders including residents, business and community organizations will have the opportunity to share their local transportation experiences and the impact it has on their daily lives. As the mobility landscape evolves over the coming years, the number of services and options for getting around are likely to increase dramatically.

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