Self-driving Chevy Bolts will roam New York City streets next year - Recode
New York City’s streets will get their first extensive test of self driving cars starting next year.

General Motors will operate a handful of semi-driverless Chevy Bolts within a five-square-mile area in lower Manhattan for at least a year to test the technology.

The company has been in talks with New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration for months and is nowin the middle of applying to test its cars in the city for a year.

This would mark the beginning of more in-depth conversations with the state to hash out details like how many cars GM will be allowed to test in the city, but the state expects to accept the application allowing for GM to begin testing in early 2018.

If all goes well, GM will be the first-ever automaker to test its semi-autonomous technology in New York City over a sustained period of time. The cars will be tested by GM’s self driving division, Cruise, and will still have a licensed driver at all times.

New York City’s streets, known for its congestion and gridlock, won’t be easy for autonomous technology to navigate.

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