Here's How Innovation Has Increased Life Expectancy Since 1850 (Infographic)

Chances are, as you read this on your computer, tablet or phone, you're taking for grantedcountless innovations which didn't exist 200 years ago. Now, contemplate that an estimated 105 billion people have walked the planet, with only a tiny 5.5 percent of that number alive today. Think of the unfathomable amount of people who lived and died never having used a toilet, refrigerator or washing machine. 

Or what about the estimation that life expectancy for most of human history has only averaged 10 years? It's because antibiotics, insulin and water chlorination didn't exist even 100 years ago.

Check out this infographic, created by Aperion Care, a provider of short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, assisted living and long-term living facilities. It lists technologies dating back to 1850 and includes current innovations and estimates regarding how many millions of people will likely live longer thanks to things like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and drones.

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