He's a Marine. A cop's cop. A tough guy. But he's willing to break the rules to save lives

You look at Tom Synan and see a small man with a bit of mischief in his eyes. The police chief for a little Ohio village called Newtown wears the uniform though a lot of chiefs have abandoned such dress in favor of shirt, tie and jacket. He cruises the streets as a patrol cop when he gets the chance and he makes house calls.


Police Chief Synan, 50, pours his life into that little town of 3,000 people, but in just the last couple of years he has expanded his reach, traveling to much, much larger cities here and abroad with a goal that seems odd for an otherwise traditional cop.

He is caught in the opioid epidemic, and he wants to annihilate the practice of locking up drug-addicted people because using drugs illegally is, well, against the law.

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