How IOT and Big Data Are Driving Smart Traffic Management and Smart Cities

Traffic can be a real pain. Check out this post about IoT and traffic management in smart cities!

A smart city is classified as a place where citizens live well-organized urban life with the help of information and communication technology (ICT) while maintaining sustainability and causing the least harm to the environment. In greater detail, this means living in a city that plans smart infrastructure and urban services to keep them as efficient as possible. Citizens can easily interact with local bodies, thus, playing a larger role in the city’s management.

A smart city is a place where all the city’s systems like water management, waste management, healthcare, policing and governance, smart buildings, education, energy, etc. are managed in an optimal fashion that benefits citizens, government, and the environment. Reduction in cost and resource consumption is integral to the layout of a smart city. And, all this is impossible without this offshoot of ICT — the IoT technology that can offer governing bodies with real-time solutions for all urban challenges.

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