How Smart City Solutions Can Correct the Opioid Epidemic — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

IoT Data Key to Connecting People, Places and Things in Crisis Police in Southern Ohio discovered an effective way to use available data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve emergency response management of opioid overdoses.

Tom Synan, Chief of Police of the Newtown Police Department in Cincinnati, OH, said, “We discovered how to use hotspots to get critical data from hospitals, emergency vehicles and cell phones to provide smarter response and better outcomes in real time.”

Synan, who has made the opioid crisis his career focus, detailed the problem and solution path to the opioid epidemic during a panel called The Internet of Everything: Connectivity and Security in Smart Regions, at the Smart Regions Congress held last month in Washington, DC.

"Cincinnati, Ohio, averages 50-to-70 overdoses and four-to-five deaths each week. Numbers from 2017 reflect a 33 percent increase in overdoses, and the numbers are similar in Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and other states,” Synan said. “This is a public health crisis requiring immediate solutions.”

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