Innovative PV landfill system saves costs and protects the environment

The 9.78 MW photovoltaic system on the Hellsiek landfill-site in Detmold, Germany, functions as a seal for the landfill. “This is the first time a PV system has been used on such a large scale to seal a landfill. The hybrid solution conserves resources, and is more cost-effective than conventional installations. The landfill is sealed by the PV system, preventing seepage and contamination of clean rain water into landfill. This type of renewable energy generation is a landscape and ecologically friendly option for supplying renewable energy. The construction also enables double use of the landfill site for energy production“, the Intersolar Award decision is outlined.

  • Use of standard and competitive PV components
  • No expensive water purification necessary
  • Savings can be used to reduce waste charges for the surrounding communities
  • Challenging construction and planning
  • Solar modules in east-west orientation allow higher output

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