Intracom Telecom: mmWave radios now deliver Gigabit-To-The-Home

Today, the need for reliable Gigabit services to customer premises increases, therefore, Fixed Broadband Access Network Operators and ISPs should employ a new generation of wireless systems to deliver such services that meet their operational and business constraints. This is where the new mmWave (>57GHz) radio technologies come in. Exploiting the ultra-wide channels available in the mmWave bands, where abundant and in many cases license free BW is available, they can deliver Gbit/s+ capacities in simple and cost effective configurations.

Links of Gbit/s capable mmWave radios can provide connectivity for the last few hundred meters or kilometers, from the network operator’s optical fiber-enabled PoP to enterprises, Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs) or single home premises. A typical example of such a deployment uses advanced PTP Gigabit V-Band (57-64GHz, in the U.S.A. up to 71GHz) radio links to form a wireless access service distribution network between the operator’s Points of Presence (PoPs) and subscriber premises. Additionally, if required, multi-Gigabit E-Band radios (71-86GHz) can be used to aggregate traffic from the V-Band radios and to extend the reach of the wireless distribution network, particularly in cases where the operator fiber PoP is located up to a few kilometers away from the access network area.

An example of such a scenario is shown in Figure 1. The small-size, all-outdoor, mmWave radios can be located on the rooftops of the served buildings. Using advanced outdoor radios with integrated Carrier Ethernet bridge functionality and multiple user Ethernet interfaces, complex network configurations reaching any location can be formed without additional networking equipment. Existing building cabling or a short length of new cabling can be used for further distributing the service to standard indoor desktop routers inside the building. In this case, the mmWave radios serve as high capacity backhaul to the small cells.

The option to form protected traffic rings, requiring bi-directionally symmetrical capacity, is crucial in cases where increased service reliability is required. mmWave radios, supporting standardized fast ring protection mechanisms (such as ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Protection Ring) enable the deployment of wireless-only rings or combined wireless/wireline rings without additional equipment requirements.

Why innovative mmWave radios are ideal for delivering GTTH

Intracom Telecom has a long track record in successfully developing and deploying both fixed broadband access networks and wireless access/transmission systems. Our innovative series of mmWave radios can now be leveraged by access network operators and ISPs to efficiently extend their networks and provide true Gigabit broadband service to residential and business customers.

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