IoT tools for public safety find $4.8 million in Homeland Security funding

On Monday the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced plans to invest $4.8 million to develop emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that assist police, fire and medical workers in the field.

The department’s Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) delivered the funding to the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), a nonprofit based in Hendon, Virginia, that works closely with the state to identify and develop technologies that drive economic development. The motive behind the funding is to drive collaboration in government and improve public safety.

“This award demonstrates the confidence our federal partners place in Virginia institutions like the Center for Innovative Technology to help them spur innovation in emerging sectors,” said Gov. Terry McAuliffe in statement.

S&T reported that some of the IoT technologies to be tested may include Wi-Fi, thermal and 360-degree imaging in buildings, and aerial drones to detect search and rescue victims.

The project, expected to last two years, continues S&T’s previous IoT efforts. In 2015, it launched a pilot to explore a variety of sensors for first responders that included physiological monitors, vehicle geospatial position trackers, mobile video cameras and laser rangefinders.

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