Jaguar Land Rover Uses CES to Unveil Innovative Connected Technology - Tires & Parts News

Posted By: Manju Mathewon: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jaguar Land Rover used the CES event to unveil several products related to ultra-fast connectivity including a highly advanced Qualcomm SnapdragonM 820Am Automotive platform. Thanks to this platform, all models from Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will offer ultra-quick and efficient connectivity, limitless in-car entertainment and over-the-air downloads. Another benefit of this platform is the availability of immersive in-vehicle experiences with the aid of stunning displays and graphics. The automotive platform has been specially designed to increase vehicle intelligence and enhance safety on the road.

Commenting on the platform, Nick Rogers, Executive Director, Product Engineering for Jaguar Land Rover, said that the technology gives a preview of the high-tech models that Jaguar Land Rover will offer customers in the future, thus enhancing ride quality and comfort. He said that the new Snapdragon 820Am Automotive platform will play an integral role in bringing innovative technology to future cars, thus improving connectivity, safety and personalisation.”

Jaguar Land Rover is collaborating with partners, including LISNR for next-generation Connected and Autonomous (CAV) technologies.


LISNR, is one of Jaguar Land Rover’s start-up portfolio companies, which specializes in data security and showcased their data-over-audio solution at CES. This solution facilitates short-range, secure wireless data transmission across all connected devices. There is no need for any devic epairing or conventional connectivity as LISNR uses sound for data transfer. LISNR can be used in offline environments for a variety of functions such as remote app pairing, user authentication, and keyless access.

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