Kasich Opens Ohio Roads To Driverless Vehicle Testing

Drive Ohio's Managing Director of Local Affairs, Andrew Bremer, shares insight into Governor Kasich's launch of Drive Ohio - the statewide smart mobility program - and gives context to the program's vision while speaking at the Smart Cincy Summit. - Learn more at https://smartcincy.org. https://venturesmarter.com https://smartregions.org

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Gov. John Kasich signed an executive order Wednesday morning that will allow companies to test autonomous vehicles on all public roads in Ohio.

Kasich, a Republican, said he hopes the move will zoom Ohio to the front of the pack in the autonomous vehicle industry, creating jobs and keeping college graduates in the state. He also believes the industry's promise that the vehicles will make roads safer - resulting in fewer traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities.

To test on Ohio roads, a company would be required to register with the state, providing information on the vehicle and roadway intended for testing. The vehicle would have to meet certain safety standards and be capable of complying with Ohio traffic law. Each car must have a company employee behind the wheel who has a valid driver's license. The operators would have to monitor the vehicle at all times and report any accidents that occur.

Kasich's order also allows driverless vehicles to be tested in Ohio. Companies would have to notify the state and city where testing is occurring that the vehicle doesn't have a driver.

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