Las Vegas AI Pilot Improves Highway Patrol Response Times


A poster in the elevator at the Las Vegas Traffic Management Center warns Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) officers to drive safely as they respond to calls, but a new solution — in pilot since September — is helping them to not only arrive faster but clear accidents more quickly as well.

Stood up in 2005 and 2006, the center already displayed more than a dozen live feeds of Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation (FAST) footage from more than 700 cameras across southern Nevada.

But dispatchers and 911 callers were once its key sources of outside information. And troopers were anxious to find a way to cut response times and clear accidents faster, knowing that the probability of secondary collisions rise more than 2.5 percent for every minute a travel lane is blocked...

In its first U.S. pilot, Israeli startup Waycare is training artificial intelligence on the region’s traffic woes, closely scrutinizing two corridors in hopes of helping highway patrol officers work smarter.

Coordinating with NHP, the Nevada Department of Transportation and RTC, Waycare has deployed a cloud-based platform aimed at optimizing traffic management systems and emergency response, CEO Noam Maital told members of a tour group on Jan. 10.

Combining data sets, city infrastructure and ecosystems — everything from weather patterns to road construction and special events — lets the platform “turn decisions into a proactive method with predictive analytics,” the CEO said.

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