Las Vegas Wants to Find Problems With Its ‘Smart City’ Systems Faster

So the city is turning to software that may soon fix issues autonomously.

Residents know when the smart sensors Las Vegas uses to time traffic lights, pinpoint gunshots and monitor trash levels for collection stop working.

And they let the city know, reporting if they can’t request a service or pay a bill.

“Cities like ours are technology dependent, meaning the patience for downtime is extremely low now,” Michael Sherwood, director of information technology for Las Vegas, told Route Fifty.

The challenge for Sherwood’s department is locating where the problem is—whether it’s a networking or application issue—troubleshooting it, and then getting everything back online. So Las Vegas decided to integrate software company FixStream’s Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, or AIOps, with its Oracle enterprise resource planning, or ERP, system for handling payments and financials.

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