Siemens to acquire autonomous driving software maker TASS International

Inspired move by Siemens will strengthen its position in the automotive industry.

Siemens has revealed it is to acquire Dutch software company TASS International, a maker of self-driving software for the automotive industry.

Helmond-based TASS is a global provider of simulation software as well as engineering services focused on autonomous driving, integrated safety, advanced driver assistance systems and tyre modelling.

The acquisition will strengthen Siemens’ product life-cycle management (PLM) software portfolio, and will give it a seat at the table in the automotive industry as self-driving vehicles become more common.

The amount Siemens paid for TASS International has not been disclosed.

Siemens accelerates its move into self-driving cars

“The automotive industry is a core focus for Siemens, and our acquisition of TASS International is another example of our commitment to offer a complete digital enterprise solutions portfolio, enabling automotive companies to realise their digital transformation and fully benefit from all opportunities of digitalisation” said Dr Jan Mrosik, CEO of Siemens’ digital factory division.