Mayor G.T. Bynum and 100 Resilient Cities Unveil Tulsa’s First Resilience Strategy – 100 Resilient Cities

Resilient Tulsa, a Holistic Citywide Strategy Developed in Partnership with 100 Resilient Cities, Presents an Action-Oriented Roadmap for an Inclusive and Equitable Future for All Tulsans

The Resilience Strategy includes an actionable set of visions, goals, and actions that addresses the city’s most pressing stresses and seeks to build capacity among residents and city systems alike to better withstand future shocks. Resilient Tulsa is organized into four overarching visions, which taken together strive to produce long-term solutions to challenges ranging from extreme weather events to significant racial, economic, and health inequities. Each action also outlines success metrics that the City will use to track progress. The Strategy’s visions include:

  1. Create an Inclusive Future That Honors All Tulsans: To grow as a unified, strong community, the city will reconcile its past and form a future that celebrates cultural heritage and eliminates systemic discrimination.
  2. Equip All Tulsans To Overcome Barriers and Thrive: By eliminating existing disparities, the City can build a more equitable foundation in which all residents can flourish, regardless of their race, ethnicity, residence, health, income, gender, or criminal history.
  3. Advance Economic Opportunity for All Tulsans: Changes in labor demand, although disruptive to traditional industry, present a new opportunity for Tulsa to equip all residents with the necessary tools to achieve long-term financial stability and prosperity.
  4. Transform City and Regional Systems to Improve Outcomes for All Tulsans: The city will model and advocate for local and regional systems that accurately identify and effectively address community needs on a day-to-day basis.

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