Minneapolis releases final draft of 2040 comprehensive plan | Smart Cities Dive

Dive Brief:

  1. Minneapolis has released the final draft of its comprehensive plan, Minneapolis 2040. The lengthy plan — about 500 pages — covers the city's governance over the next 20 years on topics including technology and innovation, infrastructure, transportation, housing and racial equity.

  2. The controversial issue that prompted the most notable draft changes is the suggestion to drastically increase housing density by allowing fourplexes throughout the entire city — currently, about two-thirds of the city is zoned for single-family homes. That has been reduced to three units per building in the final draft, along with a requirement that the buildings meet the height restrictions of a single-family home, WCCO reports. Proposed building height along high-frequency transit corridors has been reduced from six stories to four in northern and southern parts of the city. The plan also includes greater protections for low-income renters and works to promote racial equity in housing.

  3. The document also presents a multi-pronged approach to cut vehicle emissions such as adopting electric vehicles and implementing charging infrastructure requirements, offering more reliable and attractive public transit, increasing options for safe bicycling and boosting shared mobility options that support a car-free lifestyle.