Moovit Talks Urban Infrastructure Planning |

Just like cars on a highway at rush hour, transformation in city and infrastructure planning is not moving fast enough to get people where they need to go — and it’s about to become more of a problem, if Moovit Co-Founder and CEO Nir Erez is correct.

“The changes in the way people move in the city over the next five to 10 years will be more dramatic and aggressive than they were in the past 100 years,” Erez predicted.

While the technology exists to build a digital city “from the internet up” (Google’s parent company Alphabet is doing it in downtown Toronto), not every city can get the Google treatment. The time and costs are simply too great. Cities are desperate for solutions now, said Erez — solutions that can carry them into the future and shape the way people live and work, instead of letting worsening commutes shape the way workers live.

From autonomous vehicles to public and shared transportation, Erez said cities are going to have to get creative about how people move into, out of and through these urban centers.

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