NYCx effort will be New York’s next pipeline for smart city innovation
New York’s Chief Technology Officer Miguel Gamiño is promoting NYCx, a program to apply advances from entrepreneurs and the IT industry into city services and local neighborhoods.

Introducing the program Thursday, Gamiño described NYCx as a new civic platform, one that provides a vehicle for tech startups and New Yorkers to invent digital solutions to common problems. Crime, traffic, pollution, all issues are on the table.

NYCx hopes to tackle the obstacles by designing a collaboration process in which smart city startups can work with the community to develop products using public spaces and city infrastructure.

Mayor Bill de Blasio tasked Gamiño and Deputy CTO Jeremy Goldberg to oversee the program.

“Technology is an inescapable and critical part of our lives and the future of our communities,” de Blasio said in a statement. “Now, more than ever New York must take a leadership role in shaping a future that protects our values, strengthens inclusiveness and equity of our communities and presents a model of leadership for other cities around the world.”

In its first year, NYCx will start its work by choosing areas of the city for smart city and Internet of Things development. The efforts will be joined by a two-pronged set of challenges. What the city has dubbed “Co-Lab Challenges” will be an initiative that invites entrepreneurs to collaborate with residents on neighborhood solutions that might be applied citywide. On a larger scale, the city will coordinate “Moonshot Challenges” that will be open to startups globally and attempt to unlock solutions with exponential impacts for residents and potentially beyond New York.

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