Obama White House Blog: Leveraging Technology and Modernizing Government Boosts AAPI Communities

Co-authored by Rhonda Binda, VP Policy for Venture Smarter

March 5th 2013: The AAPI community is greatly affected by this administration's support of technology equality. Although nearly 20 percent of the AAPI coummunity lives without access to the Internet, they are also the demographic group to use social networking the most.

Many compare the internet of today to another communications game changer – the introduction of the printing press five centuries earlier. However, the internet’s impact may be even more profound. Returning on the heels of the World Conference on International Telecommunications, a UN based treaty conference in the United Arab Emirates held in December 2012, where the United States successfully supported the current open and transparent structure for the internet, we appreciate more astutely the Internet’s uniqueness and how this Administration has prioritized technology policy and innovation. 

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