Panasonic is building a 'smart city' in Colorado with high-tech highways, autonomous vehicles, and free WiFi

Picture: A rendering of Panasonic's smart city infrastructure outside Denver, Colorado.

  • The electronics company Panasonic is building "smart city" infrastructure in a remote area near the Denver airport.

  • The project, called CityNow, is laying the groundwork for high-tech highways and autonomous vehicles in the city, according to the mayor's office.

Panasonic may be best known for consumer electronics, but it has started moving into high-tech urban design in recent years.

The company is now building "smart city" infrastructure near Denver, Colorado, with the goal of turning the area into a "smart city" by 2026. The initiative is part of a larger Panasonic program Panasonic called CityNow. Although the definition of a "smart city" varies depending on who you ask, the term typically describes a metro area that prioritizes the use of technology in its infrastructure.

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