Partnering to Better Understand Opportunity Youth in Detroit

Data Driven Detroit is excited to announce a partnership with Microsoft, The Skillman Foundation, and Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) to test out a new approach to measure “Opportunity Youth” (OY). OY are typically defined as young adults 16-24 years old who are neither working nor enrolled in school or a vocational training program.

OY is a challenging group to pinpoint using current data sources making it nearly impossible to identify the magnitude of need in Detroit. The size of Detroit’s city limits often requires breaking data into smaller geographic units like census tracts to identify the geographic concentrations of highest need.  Current data sources are usually too unreliable to break into small geographies and often have high margins of error even at the city level.

The most common data source is Public Use Microdata Files from the American Community Survey, which allows for crosstabulations of Race, Age, Employment Status, and Enrollment. In exploring its use, D3 realized the sample size at the city-level is very small resulting in high margins of error.

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