Q&A: How the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance is pushing its members to 'advance faster together' | Smart Cities Dive

Last September, Colorado broke new ground with the launch of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, the first of its kind in the United States.

The alliance brought together 12 cities that vary in size, from large ones like Denver (population estimated at just over 690,000), to smaller ones like Grand Junction (population estimated at just over 60,000). It partnered those cities with academic institutions like the University of Colorado system, private companies like technology firm Arrow Electronics and other research partners like the Colorado Innovation Corridor and the Colorado Technology Association.

Helping coordinate the alliance is co-founder Jake Rishavy, vice president of innovation at the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, a nonprofit public-private partnership that promotes improving the regional economy around Denver through innovation, civic involvement and business advocacy.

Smart Cities Dive sat down with Rishavy at the Smart Regions Congress in Washington, DC last week to discuss the alliance, how its work is relevant regardless of a city’s size and his advice for those in other states looking to set up similar bodies.

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