San Jose's first CISO braces for ubiquitous connectivity

Private industry veteran Marcelo Peredo is building a cybersecurity team and buying new tools that he says will create a secure platform to support the city's goals.

San Jose has set a goal to become the most innovative city on the planet by 2020, and if it's successful, Marcelo Peredo could become one of the busiest people anywhere in government. In April, Peredo became the Silicon Valley city's first chief information security officer, responsible for securing a digital environment that grows in size and complexity each day.

The Internet of Things — the name given to the world's evolving ad-hoc network of connected devices and sensors — should be the cybersecurity community's biggest concern, Peredo said, and likewise it will be one of the key challenges he faces as San Jose strives toward putting self-driving vehicles on the road and building out its next generation wireless infrastructure.

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