Smart Cities Are Being Built In Buildings

Smart cities are rapidly transitioning from sci-fi prediction to everyday reality. Gartner says that implementations have crossed the chasm, moving beyond the basics of implementation to focus on citizen engagement, safety and convenience. Cities like Toronto, with the help of Sidewalk Labs, are among the early movers.  

Gartner’s view is perhaps more optimistic and futuristic than the realities of today’s smart city initiatives might substantiate. In the U.S. and abroad, there is still a need to build the infrastructure that can support smart cities. Atlanta, for instance, recently issued a request for proposal to build out a $250 million initiative that includes improved connectivity via Wi-Fi, fiber and cell, as well as sensors to understand and alleviate issues in utilities and traffic. These initiatives also aim to increase safety for citizens of Atlanta with tracking technology that automatically alerts authorities to incidents like fires or gunshots.  

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