'Smart Road' Pilot Project Coming to Kansas City | Planetizen: The independent resource for people passionate about planning and related fields

Ben Miller reports: "After years of planning, the next several months are when Tim Sylvester will get the chance to start testing out what he’s been telling people for years: roads can pay for themselves."

"Sylvester’s company, Integrated Roadways, wants to put sensors, phone and Internet connectivity and other hardware inside the surfaces society drives on," adds Miller. The company will deploy its first pilot project in Kansas City, Missouri. A second pilot project is on the way in another location that has yet to be announced.

"Sometime this month, Sylvester expects to formally enter into contracts with both state agencies involved to lay down a combined 1.5 miles of pavement," explains Miller of the Kansas City pilot project. "He expects construction to begin in the spring, and to finish around August 2018."

An article by Mary Tyler March followed up on the news of the pilot project, providing additional insight into the potential of "smart roads" technology.


Roads that Pay for Themselves: Startup Nears Two Smart Pavement Pilot Project Contracts

Published on Monday, August 14, 2017 in Government Technology